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The 59th Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 23rd of October, with the two elected directors and president’s position filled, whilst a special resolution was passed. The annual report for the 2022/23 season was presented and can be found here.


The special resolution was to change the terms of Board Directors from 2 years to 3 years, with the resolution passing with a clear majority. The maximum term will change from 10 years to 9 years, to align with the terms. Newly elected directors will be appointed for the full three years, with the terms of the remaining board directors to be recalibrated to ensure that there is an election at each annual general meeting.


There were two elected director positions available, with only two nominations received, both candidates were deemed elected. Therefore Rowing ACT is excited to announce Jaime Fernandez OLY and Alice Arch as the two new elected directors. President, Kent Peters thanked on behalf of the board the outgoing directors Ben Page and Craig Jones. Additionally at the October Board Meeting Tobias Wehr-Candler was re-appointed as a Director whilst Vinhara Goonesekera resigned as an elected director.

Meet the new Rowing ACT Board Directors below

Jaime said of being elected to the board “I’m incredibly humbled and excited about joining the Board of RACT. Having rowed in and for the ACT for the majority of my rowing career, followed by coaching and leading programs at School, State, National and International level I recognise the importance of providing people with an experience that is both positive and supportive. Likewise, supporting the performance pathway, national pipeline, being critical to ensuring that we continue to provide an opportunity for athletes to pursue their dream and ambitions of representing their State and AUS.”




Alice said of being elected “I’m very pleased and humbled to have been elected to the Rowing ACT Board and very happy to be here. I am looking forward to getting involved further in the Rowing ACT community and doing my part”







Kent Peters was re-elected as president of the Rowing ACT board, saying ““I am very humbled to have been re-elected by the community as president of the RACT Board. I am looking forward to being able to continue the work we have done on the board and make Rowing the best sport in the ACT community as we know it is”






At the October Board meeting, secretary Vinhara Goonesekera announced her resignation from the board, leaving one year on her elected term. The board has chosen to fill the casual vacancy, with Peter Wright being appointed in the position at the October board meeting.

“I am excited to be joining the Rowing ACT Board and looking forward to working collaboratively with the Board Members and the Clubs for the benefit of Rowing in the ACT”






Finally, in governance matters, it was announced at the AGM, that Sarah Davoren has been appointed to the role of Executive Officer – Operations, after holding the role in an acting capacity since the departure of Stuart John in May. Sarah said “I am very excited to have been appointed to this role, and I am looking forward to seeing Rowing ACT continue to grow in all areas. I am humbled and thankful for the support of the RACT board and the wider community”

Rowing ACT is proud to present our annual report for the 2022-23 season.

This is to notify all clubs and schools of the Annual General Meeting for Rowing ACT for 2023. The meeting will take place on Monday 23rd of October, 2023 at the CGS Rowing Centre, commencing at 6pm.


The notification of the AGM is here, with the nomination forms for directors and voting proxies as well as a special resolution to be put forward at the meeting to revise the appointment terms for Board Directors, from 2 to 3 years.


There are two board positions up for appointment this year, along with the president’s position. Rowing ACT that any nominees please email Sarah Davoren at with their nomination form by 6pm Friday 20th October 2023. In addition, can all clubs and schools please email with your voting proxy forms by the same time.

The RACT Time Trials are part of the Senior and U23 National Team Selections and encouraged for all underage team selections. See below for further information:

TT Distance:

White Poles in Yarralumla to Kingston – 5300m

Key Event Times and Processes:

Monday – Close of entries

Thursday – bow numbers delivered to clubs.

(Nationally Nominated Rowers Ony) Friday before rowing – weigh in at home club.

Friday 6.15am – first para boat commences

Friday 6.30am – first able bodied boat commences

Time Trial / Safety Information:

Rowing ACT is excited to announce our new Veteran’s and Families Indoor Rowing Competition on the 19th of August!
With our community partners, Invictus Australia and the support of the @Community Services Directorate and the ACT Government , the competition will run in person on Saturday the 19th and as an online early entry for participants who are unable to make it to Canberra on the day in the week prior.
Entries can be made via the link below, with entries closing on Sunday the 6th of June 2023.
Get excited!

Congratulations to all our Rowers who headed up to Sydney to compete in the 2023 Australian Masters Rowing Championships this past week. The ACT had athletes competing from ANU Boat Club, Black Mountain Rowing Club, Canberra Rowing Club and the ADF Rowing Club – a strong contingent to represent our territory!

ANU was the best of the ACT clubs coming in at 20th on the medal tally and 3.5 golds in the bag. ADF and Black Mountain both took home some bling but it was in the interstate where the ACT shone.

Three crews, all claiming a podium position is a great result for our small state. Stuart John started us off well, taking home a silver in the PR3 Men’s Masters Single – a strong row from Stu! Sue Donoghue stormed out of the gate to take home the gold in clear water, making that back-to-back for Sue! Our Women’s quad was strong off the blocks and was leading through the 500m but was pipped by Victoria to take home a strong silver.


We are very proud of all the ACT crews, and every athlete who participated over the weekend. Well done to all!

Rowing ACT is excited to announce the crews that will be representing the ACT at the Australian Masters Rowing Championships in Sydney early next month. These crews been working hard for the past few months and we are excited to see them compete!
Our Masters PR3 Men’s Single will be contested by Stuart John who is looking to upgrade his fourth from last year into podium position. Stuart also represented the ACT at the Australian Rowing Championships earlier this year, so his ACT pride will be on display loud and proud!
Our Masters PR3 Women’s Single is defending champion Sue Donoghue – can she go back to back?
Finally our Masters Women’s Quad is looking strong with Adair Ferguson coming back from last year’s strong 4th place crew, whilst Dearne Grant makes her return to the crew after a year off, and Zoe Lynam and Jane Clews helping to make a highly competitive boat!
Good Luck to all crews!

Congratulations to the ACT School’s Pathway’s Eights who competed in Sydney last week at the Rowing Australia School’s Pathways Regatta! Both crews represented the ACT with distinction and should be very proud of their efforts.

The Pathways Regatta is held consecutively with the Rowing Australia Under 19 Trials and sees the best school rowers compete head to head for the pride of their state. The two ACT Eights both made A finals, and rowed fantastically across the 2 days of competition.


Thursday afternoon saw the eights on the course for their heats, with the women’s crew of Holly Howard, Zoe Macintosh, Jade Wilson, Sophie Mckay, Emily Walker, Ash Watts, Madison Duncan, Imogen Lang and Cox, Amelia Mukherjee take out second place in a fiercely contested heat, whilst the men’s crew of Harry Budd, Austin Bennie, Elliot Jallier, Luke Jallier, Connor Malouf, Rohan White, Dylan Outram, Jamie Bjerregaard and Cox Jack Mcdonald hold onto third in their heat, scrapping through to the final. 


Thursday night was the annual pathways dinner, a long standing Rowing Australia tradition that encourages all states athlete’s to mingle and make new friends! Guest speaker Tara Rigney spoke about the hardships of rowing, how she bounces back (even after falling in at Nationals!) and feeling starstruck meeting Ash Barty at the Olympics!


Friday morning was the finals, and both crews performed spectacularly! The Women’s eight had a flying start to finish 4th, just off the podium whilst the Men’s crew had a battle with Victoria in the final 500m and came up short by a seat to finish 5th.


All crews should be proud of their efforts, and the way they held themselves whilst representing the ACT. A massive thanks to our coaches, Sarah Peterswald, Caroline Pijpers, Riley Taylor and William Hatcher, with additional thanks to the Rowing ACT staff, Tom Creber and Sarah Davoren who supported the team.


Final congratulations to our two Under 19 trialists, Darcy James and Jesse Rosin who rowed fantastically in the singles on Thursday, with Darcy finishing second in the B final and Jesse taking out second in the A final.

Good luck to the following crews who will be competing in Sydney at the Rowing Australia School’s Pathways Regatta, which is part of the Under 19 Australian Team trials.


Women’s Pathway’s Eight:

Holly Howard

Zoe Macintosh

Jade Wilson

Sophie mckay

Emily walker

Ash watts

Madison duncan

Imogen lang

Cox: Amelia Mukherjee


Sarah Peterswald

Caroline Pijpers


Men’s School’s Pathways Eight:

Harry Budd

Austin Bennie

Elliot Jallier

Luke Jallier

Connor Malouf

Rohan White

Dylan Outram

Jamie Bjerregaard

Cox: Jack Mcdonald


William Hatcher

Riley Taylor


Further good luck to the ACT athletes competing in the Under 19 Trials!

With the first ACT Queen’s Cup crew in 11 years having made it’s run down the course at Champion Lakes, Perth, the 2023 Australian Rowing Championships is done and dusted. Congratulations to all who made their way across to Perth to compete at this year’s nationals. The ACT had crews compete from ANU Boat Club, Black Mountain Rowing Club, Canberra Grammar School, Canberra Girls Grammar School, Canberra Rowing Club, Capital Lakes Rowing Club, Marist College and Radford College. A big thanks to our local trailer drivers from the ACT High Performance Program, Radford College, Canberra Grammar School and Canberra Girls Grammar School who made the trek across the Nullarbor to see our boats arrive safely in Perth. 


The week started with small boats, with the first of the finals on Thursday morning. Our finalists and medal winners were:

  • Caleb Antill – GOLD OM 1x
  • Nikki Ayers – GOLD PR3 W 1x
  • Hamish Harding – SILVER OM LW 1x
  • Anneka Reardon – SILVER OW LW 1x
  • Rebecca Jones – 4th PR3 W 1x
  • Jesse Rosin – 4th A Final U19 M 1x
  • Sophie Jerapetrititis – 5th OW LW 1x
  • Zara Turner – 6th A Final U17 W 1x
  • Matthew Rickard – 2nd B Final U21 MLW 1x
  • Alexandra Moylan – 2nd B Final OW LW 1x
  • Stuart John – 2nd B Final PR3 M 1x
  • Catherine Khan – 4th B Final OW 1x
  • Ellora Kelly – 6th B Final U23 W 1x

Friday saw the start of the Big Boat races, and in blustery conditions, the extra bodies were well appreciated! Our finalists and medal winners for the Big Boat races were:

Big Boat Results

  • C.Lane-Krebs [BUND], S.John [ANU] – GOLD PR3 M 2- 
  • C.Kennedy-Leverett [GUSP], C.Antill [ANU] – GOLD OM 2x
  • S.Robinson [TUBC], Anneka Reardon [ANU], E.Mure [HUON], P.Teale [SUBC] – GOLD OW LW 4x 
  • T Caudle and C Khan – GOLD Club W 2x
  • E.Mure [HUON], S.Jerapetritis [ANU] – SILVER OW LW 2x
  • M.Rickard [BMRC], A.Tomanovits [CANB] – BRONZE U23 LW 2x
  • A Reardon w/ L. Coleman – BRONZE OW 2x
  • M.Ferriere [UTS], C.Ryan [NESK], H.Harding [ANU], O.McGuinness [ADEL], J.Waldersee [CANB], J.Henderson [UTS], J.Waddell [NEPN], S.Murphy [UTS], Cox: N.Rogers [UTS] – BRONZE OM LW 8
  • O.Scheel Gamborg [MOSM], D.Hansson [MOSM], D.James [MCC], J.Rosin [MCC] – BRONZE U19 M 4x
  • R.Markwell [BUND], C.Lane-Krebs [BUND], N.Ayers [CLRC], S.Shalhoub [CRC], Cox: I.Nichols [HVGS] – 3rd PR3 Mix 4+
  • H Griffiths and E Robertson – 4th U17 W 2x
  • S John and R Jones – 4th PR3 Mix 2x
  • A Perry-Dalton, C Bridgewater, E Lilley and A Davis – 4th U19 W 4-
  • D James and J Rosin – 4th U19 M 2x
  • G.Geldard [TOOW], E.Moran [ANU] – 5th U21 W 2x
  • M.Foley [CORIO], A.Moylan [ANU] – 4th OW LW 2x
  • J.Waldersee [CANB], J.Henderson [UTS], J.Waddell [NEPN], S.Murphy [UTS] – 4th OM LW 4-
  • B Andrews, C Khan, T Caudle, E Kelly – 4th OW 4x
  • L.Coleman [SUBC], S.Jerapetritis [ANU], A.Reardon [ANU], Cox: B.Blackmore Cram [UTS] – 4th OW 8+
  • H.Gaden, H.Whithear, – 5th U17 M 2x 
  • S Burns and C Nattey – 5th Club Womens 2x
  • H.Jolly, J.Schemen-Rogers, H.Roberts, O.Fox – 5th U19 M4x
  • M.Foley [CORIO], S.Jerapetritis [ANU], E.Mure [HUON], A.Moylan [ANU] – 5th OW 4x
  • N.Mathur [UTS], A.Tomanovits [CANB], M.Rickard [BMRC], Z.Bosco [UTS] – SILVER OM LW 4x+
  • M.Foley [CORIO], A.Moylan [ANU], A.Isaacs [SUBC], E.Mure [HUON], G.Miansarow [SUBC], 
  • P.Gray [ANU], B.Andrews [ANU], N.Greenland [SUBC], E.Kelly [ANU], T.Caudle [ANU], E.Moran [ANU], E.Lambden [ANU], C.Khan [ANU], Cox: C.Barr [ANU] – 5th OW 8+
  • E Kelly and E Lambden – 6th U23 W 2x
  • C.Oliver, H.Howard, H.Griffiths, E.Robertson, Cox: C.Dayajeewa – 6th U17 4x

The Australian Open Schools Championships had racing begin at the back end of the week, with a number of our junior athletes competing for the first time at a National Regatta. Our A finalists and medal winners were;

School’s Regatta:

  • C.Bridgewater, A.Davis, A.Perry-Dalton, E.Lilley, Cox: O.Noonan – SILVER Schoolgirl 4x +
  • H.Jolly, J.Schemen-Rogers, H.Roberts, O.Fox, Cox: I.Faris – SILVER Schoolboy 4x+
  • H.Budd, J.Bjerregaard, D.Outram, W.Hawkins, Cox: J.McDonald – 6th Schoolboy 4+
  • A.West, A.Watts, G.Disney, M.Beesley, S.Murphy, E.Walker, S.Frost, I.King, Cox: E.Miller – 6th U17 Schoolgirl 8+


The Final races for the week was the Interstate Championship, with the ACT represented within 5 out of 10 races – a fantastic achievement! 

Interstate Results:

  • Nikki Ayers – GOLD PR3 W 1x
  • Caleb Antill – SILVER M 1x
  • Stuart John – 4th PR3 M 1x
  • Nicola Greenland – 5th W 1x
  • P.Gray, A.Moylan, N.Greenland, E.Kelly, T.Caudle, E.Moran, E.Lambden, C.Khan, Cox: C.Barr – 6th 8+

Moment of the week: Caleb Antill winning his first Open National Single Championship! 

Shout-outs: The Canberra Grammar School U17 Schoolboy Eight which had a rower come down with COVID right before the B final, and had a younger brother of one of their rowers who had come across to spectate jump in the boat, with the crew placing 2nd in the B Final! An impressive achievement.