Office Bearers

Office Bearers

The office bearers of Rowing ACT perform a numbers of duties pertinent to the operations of Rowing ACT. To get in contact with any of the individuals below please email

Please note that a number of our office bearers are volunteers and as such you should allow appropriate time for a response to your query.

ACTPP (ACT Pathways Program) Attend tripartite meeting with Rowing Australia & ACTAS Kent Peters
ACTPP Coaching & TID Coaching & development pathways Dave Fraumano 
ACTPP Support Coach & athlete support, administration
High Performance Selection Assist ACTPP Head Coach with the appointment of State crew selectors developing & managing selection processes Dave Fraumano & RACT selectors
Executive Officer – Operations Provide administrative support to RACT operations Sarah Davoren
Chief Boat Race Officer Manage regattas BRO’s & provide BRO support.  Coordinate accreditation & ongoing education of BRO’s Geoff Northam
Coach & Cox Development Convene & present accredited coach & cox courses in line with RA & ASC accreditation guidelines & deliver ongoing coach education opportunities Renae Domaschenz
Regatta Course Maintenance Monitor & repair the Yarramundi Reach facility Darrell Ninham and Tony Wlikes in conjunction with the National Capital Authority
Member Protection Information Officer The MPIO is the first point of contact for any person considering making a complaint under the Member Protection Policy or anyone concerned about the well-being of themselves or other members. They provide confidential, impartial and timely information and support and act as a sounding board and provides information about the local complaint resolution options available to address the individual’s concerns. MPIOs are not advocates and do not investigate complaints but they may elect to accompany complainants, if requested, to talk with someone else. Information on Rowing Australia’s Member Protection Policy can be found here. Keturah Whitford
Social Media Maintain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Sarah Davoren
Publicity Liaise with local media regarding RACT issues & activities Sarah Davoren
Regatta Sub-committee Chair Chair meetings of club delegates to plan regatta program & club liaison Sebastian Lang
Safety Sub-Committee Record safety incidents, monitor safety concerns and propose new safety measures to the Rowing ACT Board and community Catherine Garrington (Chair)

Sarah Davoren

Regatta Program Development Manages regatta programs Sarah Davoren
Regatta Secretary Responsible for the rowing score system & regatta reporting Sarah Davoren
Webmaster Manage RACT website Sarah Davoren