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A message from Rowing ACT President Kent Peters; 


As we enter what is one of the busiest periods in our annual regatta season it is important to advise that over the last two months there have been a number of worrying incidents, near-misses and accidents.  These have led to hospitalisation, injuries, and complaints from other rowers and the general public that decrease the enjoyment of our sport for everyone.


We all must do better.


The most important factor is that safety on the lake is not someone else’s responsibility – it is everyone’s responsibility.  This includes both rowers and coaches, with everyone ensuring that they are doing their best to keep the lake incident free.  Important to being able to achieve this we need to ensure we are all doing the following:


  • Ensuring that all rowers know the lake traffic flows. A number of recent accidents have occurred due to rowers heading north in lanes 1 or 2, counter to the traffic flow. During normal traffic flows lane 1 is solely for southbound traffic, which means that anyone heading north in lane 1 is putting themselves and others at great risk. Likewise, rowers leaving Yarralumla Bay should give way to rowers heading east or west, while all rowers should be aware of what arches they can and can’t travel through at Commonwealth and Kings Avenue Bridges. Failure to follow the lake traffic flows is akin to driving on the wrong side of the road with a similar level of danger for everyone. The Yarralumla map shows accidents between Yarralumla Bay and the Yarramundi Reach course over the last few months – these have all led to either injuries or damaged boats.Incident Map
  • Ensuring all coaches are aware of the wash their tinnies are creating. Anything east of the National Museum (particularly Central Basin) is prone to wash lingering as it bounces off the hard edges of the lake. This can lead to dangerous conditions for other rowers, particularly those in single sculls. Information on tinnie etiquette can be found at – all coaches should be familiar with these and ensure that they are continually minimising their wash while on the water.
  • Ensuring that noise is kept to a minimum near residential areas, particularly near Kingston.  To avoid noise complaints, coaches should avoid using megaphones around Kingston. If they are required, then please ensure that megaphones are being pointed away from residential buildings .


East Basin Map

Over the weekend of the 10th – 12th of February, a large contingent of ACT clubs and schools headed up to Penrith to compete in the NSW Rowing Championships. It was a great showing from the ACT, with athletes competing from ANU Boat Club, Black Mountain Rowing Club, Canberra Rowing Club, Capital Lakes Rowing Club, Canberra Girls Grammar, Canberra Grammar School, Orana Steiner School, Daramalan College, Radford College and Marist College, with nearly every club and school taking home some medals. See below for the final medal wrap up from our ACT athletes.

Gold 🥇

Kathryn Ross – Championships Women’s Para 1x PR2

Caleb Antill w/ D. Bartholot – Championship Men’s Elite 2x

Anneka Reardon w/ L Coleman – Championship Women’s Elite Lightweight 2x

Alex Moylan and Sophie Jerapetritis with M Foley and E Mure – Championship Women’s Elite Lightweight 4x

Matthew Rickard and Alex Tomanovits – Championships Men’s U21 Lightweight 2x

Alex Perry-Dalton, Eliza Lilley, Claudia Bridgewater, Abbey Davis, Cox: Olivia Noonan – Championship School Girl 4+

Estella Robertson, Hannah Griffiths – Championship Women’s U17 2x

Hunter Jolly, Jake Schemen-Rogers, Hamish Roberts, Oliver Fox, Cox: Izzy Faris – Championship Schoolboy 4x+

Hunter Jolly, Jake Schemen-Rogers, Hamish Roberts, Oliver Fox – Championship Men’s U19 4x

Jesse Rosin and Darcy James – Championship Men’s U19 2x

Silver 🥈

Hannah Sampson, Chloe Miller – Championship School Girl 2x

Jesse Rosin – Championship Men’s U19 1x

Nikki Ayers – Championship Women’s PR3 1x

Nikki Ayers w/ H Nichols – Championship Mixed PR3 2x

Lucas Maclean, Cameron Schmidt, Ethan Murphy, Nicolaas Van Der Walt, Cox: Joshua Hayman – Championship Men’s U17 4x+

Harry Budd, Jamie Bjerregaard, Dylan Outram, Will Hawkins, Cox: Jack McDonald – Championship School Boy 4+

Alex Tomanovits – Championship Men’s U21 Lightweight 1x

Imogen Lang – Championship School Girl 1x

Cormac Hayes w/ N Blackman – Championship Men’s U23 2x

Hamish Harding – Championship Men’s Elite Lightweight 1x

Bronze 🥉

Caleb Antill – Championship Men’s Elite 1x

Sophie Jerapetritits w/ E Mure – Championship Women’s Elite Lightweight 2x

Elena Moran in the UTS Composite – Championship Women’s U21 4x

Bonnie Andrews, Catherine Khan, Taylor Caudle and Elora Kelly – Championship Women’s Elite 4x

Ash Watts, Grace Disney, Emily Walker, Sophie Murphy, Isabel King, Annie Bush, Maddie Beesley, Sophie Frost, Cox: Eliza Miller – Championships Women’s U17 8+

Samantha Burns, Alex Perry-Dalton, Abbey Davis, Eliza Lilley, Cox: Olivia Noonan – Championship School Girl 4x+

Cate Oliver, Holly Howard, Hannah Griffiths, Estella Robertson, Cox: Chameesha Dayajeewa – Championship Women’s U17 4x+

Harrison Braithwaite – Championship Men’s U16 1x

Hamish Gaden, Hamish Whithear – Championship Men’s U17 2x

ANU was the highest placed ACT club, finishing 8th on the Point score, ahead of Radford College at 16th. Well done to all who competed – it was great to see so many familiar faces in Sydney. Thanks to all the coaches, parents, and staff who made the trip up.

The Alden 16 is a classic recreational/open water single scull, very stable and easy to row. It has an Oarmaster I sliding seat rig and comes with Croker wooden oars. It is in very good condition and ready to row. It is easy to move, weighing about 20kg. The sliding seat rig and riggers are quick and easy to install and remove.

Price $1,000

Located in Canberra

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This Saturday 28 January an electric motor manufacturer will be visiting Canberra and provide everyone with the opportunity to test their products. This will be at the Black Mountain Rowing Shed from 9am, with all members of the rowing community encouraged to attend and ask questions of the manufacturer.

Rowing ACT is hosting a Level 2 Coaching course on Sunday the 29th of January.
The course is for individuals who have held their Level 1 coaching license for 12 months and have completed their Level 2 online component. The course will be run by Rowing Australia Level 2 Coaching Course Facilitator Renae Domaschenz.
Interested participants should email to register for the course, by close of business, Wednesday the 25th of January 2023. Interested participants will need to email through their online component certificate when registering.