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Lake Burley Griffin

The total size of the Lake Burley Griffin is 6.64 sq. kilometres.  At its deepest, near the Scrivener Dam wall in West Basin, it is 18 metres.   It also is deeper in any section where the Molonglo River used to flow prior to the filling of the Lake in 1964.  The shallowest Section is East Basin, which is also more prone to wave action when it is windy.

The Lake is one of Australia’s great rowing venues.  You can row nearly anywhere on Lake Burley Griffin with little concern over moored boats and hitting the bottom.  Of course, you need to be alert to signposted warnings, to areas restricted by buoys, such as near the Scrivener Dam overflow and to other Lake users.

However, all water sports have risks that must be managed and before you row or use a tinnie on the Lake you should read our page on rowing safety.

Weston Park Regatta Venue

The Regatta Venue is located in beautiful Weston Park where many of the original experiments took place to find plants suitable to the Canberra climate.

Weston Park looking to water


2016 Champs 4

The venue is relatively sheltered, boat access is by pontoon, there are permanent toilets and BBQ facilities and a Cafe and playground.  In addition, Rowing ACT makes available free parking close to the course.  The parking is structured to allow boat trailers to be parked close to the water.

Regatta venue - 2016 Champs

Rowing Traffic Flows 

Any rower in the ACT needs to comply with the rowing flows to ensure rowing safety.

Rowing Flows for Lake Burley Griffin

Rowing Flows for Lake Tuggeranong

Reverse Flows on Yarramundi Reach (Rowing Course) during competition