Club Hosting Volunteer Duties

Notes for Hosting a Regatta

Hosting a Regatta

Volunteers to Fill Regatta Admin Roles

The volunteer roles that need covering while the regatta is in progress are as follows.

  • 1 in Finish Line Cross Over Marshall tinnie (must have boat license):
    • will need to pick up loud hailer & radio from finish line officials;
    • uses one of the three tinnies provided by host club;
  • 3 at Finish Line for judging and recorder duties;
  • 1-2 at Weston Park to issue/ distribute medals;
  • 2-4 at Weston Park to supervise the pontoons and assist where required;

Host Club Tinnies

  • 3 tinnies that need to be at the finish line by 6.50am.  One of these is for the Finish Line Marshall as above. 

Pre and Post Regatta Support Activities

  • 2-3 people to help set up at the beginning of the day with erecting tent, putting out parking signs, cleaning the pontoon
  • 2-3 people who are able to give 30mins of help at the end of the last race to pack down Weston Park makes a big difference – stuff like taking down the tent, collecting PA equipment from the BROs when it is dropped at the pontoons, packing up the commentary gear