Club Hosting Volunteer Duties

Notes for Hosting a Regatta

Each club hosts or co-hosts 1 regatta per season. Rowing ACT will reach out to your club committee prior to your club’s regatta for volunteers. Each of these roles is important to the functioning of a regatta, especially for our big regattas where it is all hands on deck! 

If you want to learn more about what each role entails, click here

Pre and Post Regatta Support Activities

  • 2-3 people to help set up at the beginning of the day with erecting tent, putting out parking signs, cleaning the pontoon
  • 2-3 people who are able to give 30mins of help at the end of the last race to pack down Weston Park makes a big difference – stuff like taking down the tent, packing up the commentary gear

During the Regatta:

The volunteer roles that need covering while the regatta is in progress are as follows.

  • 1 in Finish Line Cross Over Marshall tinnie (must have boat license):
    • will need to pick up loud hailer & radio from finish line officials;
    • uses one of the three tinnies provided by host club;
  • 3 at Finish Line for judging and recorder duties;
  • 1-2 at Weston Park to issue/ distribute medals;
  • 2-4 at Weston Park to supervise the pontoons and assist where required;

Host Club Tinnies

Each club is asked to provide 3 tinnies for the regatta to support the officials:

  1. Cross-Over Marshal: this is a club volunteer who sits on the cross-over point at the meeting point between Weston Park Peninsula and the Finish Line off Lady Denman Drive
  2. Starters: Our starters are pretty special people but they can’t walk on water! They need a tinny to get from one platform to another. 
  3. President of the Jury: Our POJ can be required anywhere during a regatta and we generally don’t have chauffeurs available to get them there