ACT Nationals 2023 Wrap Up


ACT Nationals 2023 Wrap Up

With the first ACT Queen’s Cup crew in 11 years having made it’s run down the course at Champion Lakes, Perth, the 2023 Australian Rowing Championships is done and dusted. Congratulations to all who made their way across to Perth to compete at this year’s nationals. The ACT had crews compete from ANU Boat Club, Black Mountain Rowing Club, Canberra Grammar School, Canberra Girls Grammar School, Canberra Rowing Club, Capital Lakes Rowing Club, Marist College and Radford College. A big thanks to our local trailer drivers from the ACT High Performance Program, Radford College, Canberra Grammar School and Canberra Girls Grammar School who made the trek across the Nullarbor to see our boats arrive safely in Perth. 


The week started with small boats, with the first of the finals on Thursday morning. Our finalists and medal winners were:

  • Caleb Antill – GOLD OM 1x
  • Nikki Ayers – GOLD PR3 W 1x
  • Hamish Harding – SILVER OM LW 1x
  • Anneka Reardon – SILVER OW LW 1x
  • Rebecca Jones – 4th PR3 W 1x
  • Jesse Rosin – 4th A Final U19 M 1x
  • Sophie Jerapetrititis – 5th OW LW 1x
  • Zara Turner – 6th A Final U17 W 1x
  • Matthew Rickard – 2nd B Final U21 MLW 1x
  • Alexandra Moylan – 2nd B Final OW LW 1x
  • Stuart John – 2nd B Final PR3 M 1x
  • Catherine Khan – 4th B Final OW 1x
  • Ellora Kelly – 6th B Final U23 W 1x

Friday saw the start of the Big Boat races, and in blustery conditions, the extra bodies were well appreciated! Our finalists and medal winners for the Big Boat races were:

Big Boat Results

  • C.Lane-Krebs [BUND], S.John [ANU] – GOLD PR3 M 2- 
  • C.Kennedy-Leverett [GUSP], C.Antill [ANU] – GOLD OM 2x
  • S.Robinson [TUBC], Anneka Reardon [ANU], E.Mure [HUON], P.Teale [SUBC] – GOLD OW LW 4x 
  • T Caudle and C Khan – GOLD Club W 2x
  • E.Mure [HUON], S.Jerapetritis [ANU] – SILVER OW LW 2x
  • M.Rickard [BMRC], A.Tomanovits [CANB] – BRONZE U23 LW 2x
  • A Reardon w/ L. Coleman – BRONZE OW 2x
  • M.Ferriere [UTS], C.Ryan [NESK], H.Harding [ANU], O.McGuinness [ADEL], J.Waldersee [CANB], J.Henderson [UTS], J.Waddell [NEPN], S.Murphy [UTS], Cox: N.Rogers [UTS] – BRONZE OM LW 8
  • O.Scheel Gamborg [MOSM], D.Hansson [MOSM], D.James [MCC], J.Rosin [MCC] – BRONZE U19 M 4x
  • R.Markwell [BUND], C.Lane-Krebs [BUND], N.Ayers [CLRC], S.Shalhoub [CRC], Cox: I.Nichols [HVGS] – 3rd PR3 Mix 4+
  • H Griffiths and E Robertson – 4th U17 W 2x
  • S John and R Jones – 4th PR3 Mix 2x
  • A Perry-Dalton, C Bridgewater, E Lilley and A Davis – 4th U19 W 4-
  • D James and J Rosin – 4th U19 M 2x
  • G.Geldard [TOOW], E.Moran [ANU] – 5th U21 W 2x
  • M.Foley [CORIO], A.Moylan [ANU] – 4th OW LW 2x
  • J.Waldersee [CANB], J.Henderson [UTS], J.Waddell [NEPN], S.Murphy [UTS] – 4th OM LW 4-
  • B Andrews, C Khan, T Caudle, E Kelly – 4th OW 4x
  • L.Coleman [SUBC], S.Jerapetritis [ANU], A.Reardon [ANU], Cox: B.Blackmore Cram [UTS] – 4th OW 8+
  • H.Gaden, H.Whithear, – 5th U17 M 2x 
  • S Burns and C Nattey – 5th Club Womens 2x
  • H.Jolly, J.Schemen-Rogers, H.Roberts, O.Fox – 5th U19 M4x
  • M.Foley [CORIO], S.Jerapetritis [ANU], E.Mure [HUON], A.Moylan [ANU] – 5th OW 4x
  • N.Mathur [UTS], A.Tomanovits [CANB], M.Rickard [BMRC], Z.Bosco [UTS] – SILVER OM LW 4x+
  • M.Foley [CORIO], A.Moylan [ANU], A.Isaacs [SUBC], E.Mure [HUON], G.Miansarow [SUBC], 
  • P.Gray [ANU], B.Andrews [ANU], N.Greenland [SUBC], E.Kelly [ANU], T.Caudle [ANU], E.Moran [ANU], E.Lambden [ANU], C.Khan [ANU], Cox: C.Barr [ANU] – 5th OW 8+
  • E Kelly and E Lambden – 6th U23 W 2x
  • C.Oliver, H.Howard, H.Griffiths, E.Robertson, Cox: C.Dayajeewa – 6th U17 4x

The Australian Open Schools Championships had racing begin at the back end of the week, with a number of our junior athletes competing for the first time at a National Regatta. Our A finalists and medal winners were;

School’s Regatta:

  • C.Bridgewater, A.Davis, A.Perry-Dalton, E.Lilley, Cox: O.Noonan – SILVER Schoolgirl 4x +
  • H.Jolly, J.Schemen-Rogers, H.Roberts, O.Fox, Cox: I.Faris – SILVER Schoolboy 4x+
  • H.Budd, J.Bjerregaard, D.Outram, W.Hawkins, Cox: J.McDonald – 6th Schoolboy 4+
  • A.West, A.Watts, G.Disney, M.Beesley, S.Murphy, E.Walker, S.Frost, I.King, Cox: E.Miller – 6th U17 Schoolgirl 8+


The Final races for the week was the Interstate Championship, with the ACT represented within 5 out of 10 races – a fantastic achievement! 

Interstate Results:

  • Nikki Ayers – GOLD PR3 W 1x
  • Caleb Antill – SILVER M 1x
  • Stuart John – 4th PR3 M 1x
  • Nicola Greenland – 5th W 1x
  • P.Gray, A.Moylan, N.Greenland, E.Kelly, T.Caudle, E.Moran, E.Lambden, C.Khan, Cox: C.Barr – 6th 8+

Moment of the week: Caleb Antill winning his first Open National Single Championship! 

Shout-outs: The Canberra Grammar School U17 Schoolboy Eight which had a rower come down with COVID right before the B final, and had a younger brother of one of their rowers who had come across to spectate jump in the boat, with the crew placing 2nd in the B Final! An impressive achievement.