Trophies of the ACT

Rowing ACT was founded in 1964. Since that time many trophies have been created. Some of these trophies are no longer relevant, for example races involving tubs, some have been obscured by the mists of time or simply lost. However, a good number of trophies have endured and Rowing ACT has catalogued them to honour those who have been successful over the years.

A full listing of trophies and other awards are set out at the bottom of this page.


Summer Season

ACT Championship Pennant Presidents Shovel
ACT Men’s Championship Pennant Scullers Cup
ACT Women’s Championship Pennant Tarcoola Trophy
Banjo Cup Uriarra Cup
Golden Jubilee Trophy Veterans Fours Plate
 Greg Welsh Cup  Phere Niki
 Shakespear Cup Steve Fairbairn Memorial Cup
Canberra Day Bucket

Winter Time Trials

The winter time trail series was started  by Mark Kwiatkowski of Canberra Rowing Club.  It was subsequently handed over to Rowing ACT which has run it ever since.  The race is over about a 4 km course running from Scrivener Dam to Yarralumla Bay, following the contours of Lake Burley Griffin.  Although there are a range of prizes, there are two main awards.

The Col Panton (/Marathon) Trophies

Black Pete Plate David Stegeman Trophy
Cootapatamba Trophy  Skippers Shield
Panton Memorial Trophy

The Cliff Hills Shield for Contribution to ACT Rowing

Many people contribute, some are recognised but the efforts of all are appreciated. The Cliff Hills recognises the ongoing contribution of individuals in our community and their dedication over may years.

Cliff Hills Shield

BRO Of the Year Award

The BRO of the Year award is selected annually by Senior BRO’s and endorsed by the nominations committee. The trophy is a glass piece designed by Debra Jurss and beautifully reflected the colours of the water on Lake Burley Griffin. It was donated in 2018 by Alison Chinn

BRO of the Year

Volunteer Of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year is selected annually to recognise the contributions of our incredible community of volunteers. The award is selected by the nominations committee and recognises an individual who has show great dedication throughout the season to supporting Rowing ACT.

Disher Cup

The Disher Cup is an annual race contested between the Australian National University, the Royal Military College and the Australian Defence Force Academy. Originally a Men’s Eight’s Race, the contest has now expanded to include men’s and women’s singles, novice and coxed fours as well as the Women’s Eight which competes for the Anne Curtis Cup.

Head of the Molonglo

The Head of the Molonglo is an annual big boat race covering a 6.8 km course. As of 2022, it is no longer contested and has been replaced by the Capital Head Race.

Head of the Lake

The Head of the Lake is the annual school’s Championship regatta. Many of the competing school’s have donated trophies for this event.

Event Name Trophy
School Boy Single Scull CGS Principals Cup
School Girl Single Scull CGS Principals Cup
School Boy Coxed Four CGS Rowing Assoc Cup
School Boy Coxed Quad Scull Mason Family Cup
School Boy Year 10 Coxed Quad Scull Marist College Principals Cup
School Boy Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull Marist College
School Boy Year 9 Coxed Quad Scull Marist College Principals Cup
School Girl Coxed Quad Scull Radford Principals Cup
School Girl Year 10 Coxed Quad Scull Redlands Principal Cup
School Girl Year 8 Coxed Quad Scull The CGS plate
School Girl Year 9 Coxed Quad Scull Daramalan College Principal Cup
School Boy Coxed Eight Fraser Cup
School Girl Coxed Eight CGGS Cup
School boy overall points Governor-General
School girls overall points Governor-General

Events of the past – old and lost trophies  

These trophies are no longer awarded, missing or both. If you know where any of these trophies please contact Rowing ACT Awards Calendar.

ACTEW Radford Trophy Cotter Cup Peter Wilkinson Trophy
ACTRA Cup Donoghoe Family Trophy
Ada Libbis Trophy  Garran Cup Schoolboy Tub Four Trophy
Ampol Trophy
Bill O’Brien Shield  The Doc’s Cup
Burley Griffin Plate Gluckwunsch Cup Westbourne Woods Plate
CGS Association Cup Molonglo Cup
Corin Bowl NCDC Rose Bowl Yarramundi Medal

Trophies in Alphabetical Order

ACT Premiership Pennent ACT Championship Club
Men’s Premiership Pennent ACT Men’s Championship Club
ACT Women’s Premiership Pennent ACT Women’s Championship Club
ACTEW Radford Trophy Schoolboys Quad Scull at the Radford Regatta
ACTRA Cup Champion 3rd Grade Women’s Four
Ada Libbis Trophy Lightweight Men’s 4+
AMPOL Trophy Champion Women’s Open Four
Banjo Cup Men’s Open 4+
Bill O’Brien Shield Club point score
Black Pete Plate Fastest women’s boat in Col Panton Marathon who do not receive financial support
BRO of the Year Awarded for outstanding effort over the Season
Bruce Hick Trophy CH M1x
Burley Griffin Plate Novice Lightweight Men’s 4+
Canberra Day Bucket Women’s Open 8+
CGS Association Cup Schoolboys’ 1x
Cliff Hill Shield Service to ACT Rowing
Cootapatamba Cup Fastest 4x in the Col Panton Marathon
Corin Bowl Champion Schoolboy 1st Four
Cotter Cup Champion Schoolboy 3rd Four
David Stegeman Trophy Fastest 4+ in the Col Panton Marathon
Disher Cup Men’s 8+ from ACT universities and military colleges
Doc’s Cup Champion Schoolboy 2nd Four
Donoghoe Family Shield Schoolgirls Fours Championships
Flotta Lauro Bowl Champion 3rd Grade Men’s Eight
Fraser Cup Schoolboys 8+
Garran Cup Schoolboys/ Junior Mens 4x+
Gluckwunsch Cup Intermediate Men’s Four
Golden Jubilee Trophy Women’s 8+ of the ACT
Greg Welsh Cup Schoolgirls’ 8+
Grevillea Cup Ch U19 W1x
Kwiatkowski Cup Best performance by a male sculler during annual Winter Time Trials
Lyn Cirulis Shield Best performance by female sculler during annual Winter Time Trials
Molonglo Cup Mens Intermediate 4+
NCDC Rose Bowl Mens Novice 4+
Panton Memorial Trophy Winner of the Col Panton Marathon
Peter Wilkinson Trophy Outstanding improvement during the season
Phere Niki Trophy Club with highest points score from ACT Championship regatta
Presidents Shovel Men’s Intermediate 8+
Schoolboy Tub Four Trophy  Schoolboy Tub Four
Sculler’s Cup Champion Women’s Open Single Scull
Shakespear Cup Open Men’s 8 at CGS Regatta
Skippers Shield Fastest boat in the Col Panton Marathon
Steve Fairbairn Memorial Cup Highest pointscore at the Annual ANU Regatta
Uriarra Cup Men’s Open 8+ ACT Championship
Veteran Four Plate Masters Men’s 4+
Westbourne Woods Plate Schoolgirls Eights Championship
Yarramundi Medal Awarded each year to most successful male and female athletes at the ACT Championship regatta