2024 Australian Rowing Championships Round Up

2024 Australian Rowing Championships Round Up

The 2024 Australian Rowing Championships in Sydney saw four ACT clubs send representatives up, being ANU, BMRC, CRC and CLRC along with 4 schools, being CGS, CGGS, Marist and Radford. A successful week in Sydney for all athletes and the ACT interstate team.

Our interstate team did the ACT proud, with 3 out of 5 crews taking home a medal. The challenge has been laid down to the ACT to see more crews take the field in the coming years.

This year in the Interstate crews, we introduced our representative numbers, to show our pride for all ACT crews past and present. In 2024:

Nikki Ayers PLY (#298) was once again the golden girl, taking home her 4th gold medal in the Interstate PR3 Women’s single, and 5th medal overall. She is the most successful PR3 Women’s single scull.

Stuart John (#360) has continued to go from strength to strength in the PR3 Men’s single, taking out 6th in the event.

Cara Grzeskowiak (#286) returned to the Interstate Women’s Single in a blaze of glory, claiming Bronze after 5 years away from the event. Her class and skills continues to shine bright.

Caleb Antill (#292) showed a return to form throughout the week and culminated his week with a bronze in the Interstate single.

The Interstate Men’s lightweight Four made a return to the course for the first time since 2019 with 4 new debutants being Ishan Shalliker (#364), Matthew Rickard (#365), Jonathan Adams (#366) and Alex Tomanonvits (#367) bringing home a classy 7th place.



  • Caleb Antill (ANU), OM 4x
  • Anneka Reardon (ANU) – OW LW 1x
  • Anneka Reardon (ANU) – OW LW 4x
  • Stuart John (ANU) – PR3 M 2-
  • Cormac Hayes (CRC) – MU23 2x
  • Nikki Ayers (CLRC) – PR3 W 1x
  • Nikki Ayers (CLRC) – PR3 Mix 2x
  • Harrison Braithwaite (Marist) – MU17 1x
  • Zara Turner (Radford) – SG 1x


  • Harry Glackin (CLRC), Cormac Hayes (CRC), Hamish Harding (ANU) – OM 4x
  • Sophie Jerapetritis and Alexandra Moylan (ANU) – Club W 2x
  • Stuart John (ANU) – PR3 Mixed 4+
  • Isabel King, Emily Walker, Samantha Burns, Eliza Lilley, Olivia Noonan (CGGS) – SG4x+
  • Connor Malouf, Angus Scott, Hamish Gaden, Hamish McKee, Cox: Izzy Faris (Radford) – SB 4x+


  • Catherine Khan, ANU – OW 1x
  • Anneka Reardon, ANU – OW 2x
  • Catherine Khan, ANU – OW 4x
  • Caleb Antill, ANU – OM 2x
  • Alex Perry-Dalton (ANU) – U23 W LW 4x
  • Jesse Rosin (CRC) – MU23 4x
  • Garvan Hayes, Charles Carter, Austin Bennie, Harrison Braithwaite, Cox: Theodore Campton (Marist) – SB 4x+
  • Connor Malouf, Angus Scott, Hamish Gaden, Hamish McKee, Cox: Izzy Faris (Radford) – SB 4x+ Sprint

A Finals:

ANU: Hamish Harding, OM 1x, Caleb Antill, OM 1x, Catherine Khan OW 2x, Hamish Harding OM 2x, Jonathan Adams– OM LW 1x, Ishan Shalliker and Max Reardon –  U23 LW M 2x, Alex Perry-Dalton – U23 LW 1x, Ishan Shalliker – U23 M LW 1x, Alex Perry-Dalton (ANU) – WU19 2x, Eloise Lambden and Bonnie Andrews – Club W 2x, Stuart John – PR3 M 1x, Stuart John – PR3 Mix 2x, Ishan Shalliker, Samuel Harrop, Jonathan Adams and Max Reardon – Uni M 4x Sprint; Sophie Jerapetritis, Eloise Lambden, Bonnie Andrews and Alexandra Moylan – OW 4x Sprint;

BMRC: Matthew Rickard and George Bowditch – OM LW 4x; George Bowditch and Matthew Rickard – MU23 LW 2x; George Bowditch – MU21 LW 1x;

CRC: Abby Rickards – WU23 4x, Cormac Hayes – MU23 1x, Abby Richards – WU23 LW 1x, Jesse Rosin – MU23 1x, Tahlia Turnbull – WU17 1x, Ben Haywood – SB 1x;

CGGS: Alex Perry-Dalton, Emily Walker, Samantha Burns, Eliza Lilley – WU19 4x; Elke Spiller, Mia Wyllie, Charlotte Bowen, Sophie Murphy, Heidi Bell – WU17 4x+; Alice Hincksman, Lucy Kordaris, Meg Story, Charlotte Bowen, Mia Wyllie, Elke Spiller, Grace Disney, Sophie Murphy, Cox: Heidi Bell – U17 SG 8+; Emily Walker, Isabel King, Samantha Burns, Eliza Lilley, Cox: Olivia Noonan – SG 4x+ Sprint;

CGS: Ralph Zhang, Magnus Dafter, Alexander Griffiths, Benjamin McGregor, Cox: Teniola Balogun – MU17 4x+; Aprillia Mitchell, Holly Howard, Imogen Horn, Hannah Griffiths, Cate Oliver, Madison Duncan, Estella Robertson, Jade Wilson, Cox: Chameesha Dayajeewa – SG 8+; Harry Budd, Nicolaas Van Der Walt, Cameron Schmidt, Dylan Outram, Cox: Timothy Robson – SB 4+;

CLRC: Harry Glackin – OM 2x;

Marist: Garvan Hayes – MU21 LW 1x;

Radford: Zara Turner  – WU19 1x; Joshua Miller, Rohan White, Hamish Gaden, Hamish McKee – MU19 4x;

ANU was our highest ranking club, placing third on the Club Point Score and 18th on the Medal tally. Marist College placed 11th on the School Boys point score whilst Canberra Girls Grammar sat in 13th place on the School Girls point score following the conclusion of racing.

Finally, we must acknowledge the umpires, staff, coaches and volunteers who all made the trek to Sydney for the week. It was particularly pleasing to see 2 of the ACT’s Level 3 umpires as part of the jury (Catherine Garrington and Jacqui Williams), whilst State Technical Official Sarah Connor also made the trip up, and in exciting news passed her Level 3 exam to join the jury at the end of the week.

Our small but mighty ACT contingent continued to show the strength that comes from the waters of Lake Burley Griffin. Congratulations to all.