Veterans & Families Indoor Rowing Program


Veterans & Families Indoor Rowing Program

Rowing ACT is pleased to announce that the Veterans and Families Indoor Rowing Program will be starting in September 2020. This program will bring together veterans and their family members to learn to row on indoor rowing machines, while improving physical and mental health outcomes for participants. Any current service person or veteran can participate, and we encourage them to bring along family members to join in and participate together. Adjustments can be made for any physical injuries, please just let us know ahead of time so that we can plan ahead.

Indoor rowing is a growing sport, which has many opportunities in which participants can take part going into the future. It is one of the officially recognised Invictus Games sports, as well as having its own Australian and World Championships.

Through the program, participants will have the opportunity to develop their indoor rowing skills, and find out more about the sport of rowing as a whole.

The program will consist of 4 sessions, starting on 5 September and running each Saturday for the remainder of the month. It is free to participate, and all of the equipment will be provided.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the form below. All information will be kept private, however if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to inform us about any personal circumstances, please email or call 0478 622 342.

Expression of Interest Form

Please note that while 2hr time slots have been allocated, not all of this time will be spent completing the indoor rowing activities. There will be time afterwards for socialising and other activities, such as reviewing footage, asking questions about rowing as a sport or for other information to be provided.
If you have any concerns about privacy, please feel free to email Katrina on, or call her on 0478 622 342.
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