ACT School Head of the Lake


ACT School Head of the Lake

The Regatta Reverse Traffic Flow procedure dated 16/11/2011 will be in place throughout the Head of the Lake Regatta. The presence of the Reverse Flow Gate indicates reverse flow is in place.

View the Traffic Flow Procedures here

Weston Park Regatta Setup, Boating Arrangements

Weston Park will again act as the primary regatta hub. Regatta commentary will be broadcast in Weston Park as well as Lady Denman Drive. The First Aid facilities will be located in Weston Park.

View the Weston Park Regatta Setup Map


Within Weston Park adequate spectator parking is available in the car park at the end of Pescott Lane. The access route will be sign posted from Weston Park road.

Weston Park trailer parking is available in the car park at the end of Pescott Lane (accessed via Pescott Lane). When entering Weston Park follow the regatta parking signs. Please insure you park trailers as close to the boat park as possible. Trailers may enter the boat park and tent area however clubs are asked to limit their foot print to ensure there is adequate space available for other clubs.

As a condition of our venue permits no boats are to be launched from boat trailers at the Lady Denman Drive site.

Please ensure when viewing from the finish area you do not park illegally. Ample parking is available on Black Mountain Peninsular which is less than a 6 minute walk from the finish line. Parking along the sides of Lady Denamn Drive is illegal.


A Café is located adjacent to the car park off Pescott Lane which will open at 8am and serve everything you would expect from a typical café.

Weston Park Setup

Please insure you do not setup or drive vehicles or in the Additional Spectator Area as there are irrigation pipelines below the surface. This area is north of the dirt path leading from the end of Pescott Land to the water’s edge. Clubs setting up tents in this area are asked to ensure they do not use pegs longer than 200mm.

Program, Draw and Results

Download the Head of the Lake Regatta FINAL Draw

Download the Head of the Lake Regatta FINAL Program

For results as they occur click, here or enter in your address bar.

Withdrawals and Substitutions

To SCRATCH an entry, please txt: ‘SCRATCH: Club, Race #, Lane #, Stroke’s surname, and your name’ to 0450 769 464.

For SUBSTITUTIONS please txt: ‘SUB: Club, Race #, Lane #, Name out, Name in, and your name’ to 0450 769 464.

NOTE: ONE scratching/substitution per TXT message.

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