ACT Rowing Announces Innovative Coach Development Program


ACT Rowing Announces Innovative Coach Development Program

ACT Rowing today announced that it has initiated a program to sponsor the development of rowing club coaches.

Specifically this initiative will sponsor coaches to develop their skills by attending conferences, gain accreditation, and participate in camps and selection events. Beneficiaries will be ACT Club coaches, who aspire to coach High Performance crews and are committed to coaching in the future..

RACT President David Bagnall agrees with ACTAS Head Coach Andrew Randall, that good coaches drive the development of our sport and that the Association can provide incentives for coaches to increase their knowledge and skills, and achieve better outcomes.

“It is critical for the growth of our sport that all athletes are entrusted to club coaches who have the ability to develop athletes to their potential” Bagnall observed. “Those introductory experiences and the early subsequent seasons contribute significantly to the enjoyment of our sport, and the progress and skills that athletes acquire. Good coaches impart their knowledge, while making the sport fun. As an Association we think we can assist these goals. We are looking to assist our coaches upgrading their qualifications and skills.”

“We hope to contribute significantly to costs associated with Coach accreditation and Coaching Conference attendance to assist these mentors of our sport. Frequently club coaches are unpaid, and meet these and other expenses out of their own pockets. Coaching is a tough gig, involving substantial commitment to take athletes from learn-to-row to competition. For those coaches looking to advance both their crews and their own development we think we can help.”

You can help.

The Association has set up this program to help develop our sport, and the benefit will spread across all of the sport. Better coaching will flow through to all crews within the sport. Thus athletes who benefit from good coaching become better coaches themselves.

We are asking our supporters to contribute to this program.
This program is compliant with the ASF Sport Incentive Program.
Donations will be tax deductible.

To make your tax deductible donation simply download, complete and return the donation form.

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