About Rowing ACT


About Rowing ACT

h1. Australian Capital Territory Rowing Association Incorporated

h2. Patron: Senator The Honourable Margret Reid

|Location|The current location is Sports House, Hackett. However, consideration is still being given to a longer-term office. Please do not send any mail to this address.|
|Postal Address| PO Box 8366 ANU ACT 6200|
|Administrative Officer| James Hammond|
|Contact:| 0406 376 666 “Email”:mailto:actra@rowingact.org.au|

The ACT Rowing Association is the peak rowing body for the Australian Capital Territory and South East New South Wales.

The Association’s primary functions are to foster the sport in the region, and to control regattas within the region. All rowing clubs in the region that wish to take part in races within Australia must be affiliated with the Association.

A “committee”:/about/6/board-of-directors runs the Association and is elected annually. The Committee meets monthly.

ACTRA(Australian Capital Territory Rowing Association) is an incorporated association under its own “constitution”:http://www.rowingact.org.au/resources/ACTRA%20Constitution200911.pdf and “by-laws”:http://www.rowingact.org.au/resources/ACTRA%20Bylaws.pdf.

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