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The final official results from Sunday’s delayed time trial are available here.

Provisional results of this morning’s delayed time trial can be found here.

The ‘big boat’ time trial that could not be run on 10 August, is being held tomorrow, 24 August. Winter Time Trial #5 – Call for entries This final Winter Time Trial of 2008 is being held on the weekend of 6-7 September. Entries are due at ACTRA next weekend – but see your club for details of closing times.

The progressive points score for the Saturday boat classes is now available here.

The results of WTT4 on 10 August have been amended to correct the results for Nick Harris (M1x) and Randal Lawrence/ Peter Macartney (MM2-).

The Annual General Meeting of the ACT Rowing Association is expected to be convened in early September. In accordance with the ACTRA Constitution at least three weeks notice of the meeting will be given. Accompanying the notice advising of the AGM will be a call for nominations for the office bearers of the Association and four committee members for 2008-9. The office bearers are the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the Secretary. Nominations of candidates for election as office bearers and ordinary committee members must be made in writing signed by two members of the Association and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate, such nominations shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Association not less than 7 days before the date of the AGM. At the AGM the president of each club, a nominated delegate from each club and the President of the Association or their proxies have one vote each in the election of the Association committee and any other questions arising. Details of the procedures and entitlements are to be found in the Association Constitution.

Our ACT rowers completed their Olympic competition today with Sonia Mills coming second in the W2x B Final (8th best in the world), and Sarah Cook coming 4th in the W2- B Final (10th best in the world). Watching the Olympic rowing finals this weekend Arrangements have been made for rowing to dominate the ACT Rugby Club, 51 Blackall Street, Barton. This will be 16:00 to 20:00 Saturday, and 17:30 to 20:00 on Sunday. Come and watch rowing with rowers. Good food and drink available. Winter Time Trial #4 – Outcomes The Saturday results linked below have been confirmed as final [not really – see correction 17 Aug]. The Sunday time trial was cancelled. However, ACTRA will consider running this time trial on Sunday 24 August if there is strong interest. Contact your club committee to express your interest before Tuesday, 19 August.

M1x H5 17:30 L1 W2- H1 17:50 L3 [Sarah Cook] M2- H2 18:20 L2 W2x H2 18:50 L1 [Sonia Mills] M2x H3 19:20 L4 M4- H3 19:50 L3 Sun 10 Aug LW2x H1 16:50 L3 LM2x H2 17:30 L5 LM4- H1 18:00 L4 W4x H2 18:40 L4 M4x H1 18:50 L5 W8+ H2 19:30 L3 M8+ H1 19:40 L2

The provisional results are available here. Olympic Rowing this weekend Australian boats racing this weekend with Canberra times are:

The start lists for both Saturday and Sunday can be found here.