Rowing ACT invites applications for the position of Talent Identification (TID) coach. Applications should be made to by COB 8 November.


The TID Coach is to coach rowers in the TID program to develop their skills and to identify those with the potential to progress within the Rowing ACT High Performance Program continuum.


 Develop and coordinate training programs for TID athletes.
 Provide high-level coaching.
 Assist with Talent identification as required.

 The TID coach will be employed as a contractor and managed and paid for by Rowing ACT.
 The TID coach needs to be ready to work with the High-Performance Assistant Coach and volunteers used
by the High-Performance Head Coach.
 This position will report to the High-Performance Head Coach.


1) Remuneration

 Payments will be made by Rowing ACT.
 Payments will be based on Hobby Income and no tax will be deducted i.e. the successful applicant
needs to manage their tax affairs. The applicant will need to complete the relevant tax
 A payment of $100 will be made per session.
 Rowing ACT will make the payments weekly based on advice from the successful applicant, as copied to
the Head Coach.

2) Location
 The role is carried out on Lake Burley Griffin. For the duration of this appointment, the rowing
will be out of the Capital Lakes Rowing Club

3) Hours of Work

 A session will run up to 3 hours.
 Three sessions a week should be expected, with at least one of those being on the weekend and the
others out-of-hours.
 Sessions may vary between 2 and 4 per week, as advised by the Head Coach.
 Sessions will run for a period of 3 months.
 The period of time that sessions cover may be varied by mutual agreement.

• Performance will be assessed by the Head Coach.
• The Head Coach will provide guidance and advice.
• The Head Coach may issue instructions on the technique and manner of coaching.
• Where instructions are not followed, or if the Head Coach believes that the coaching is below
standard, the Head Coach may, after discussion with the TID Coach and after an opportunity for the
TID coach to comply, terminate the agreement.


1. A demonstrated ability and coaching skill set to develop young talented athletes and rowers.
2. Demonstrated ability to implement and oversee a Daily Training Environment suitable to develop athletes to their potential.
3. Proven ability to communicate effectively including, particularly with young people.
4. A high level of self-motivation and initiative, including the ability to work with minimal supervision.
5. Ability to work with other people and to take instruction.
6. Commitment to working ethically and to uphold the values of Rowing ACT and the broader sport of rowing.

Essential requirements:
• Current accreditation as a Level 2.
• Ability to satisfy pre-employment National Criminal History Police Check for criminal charges,
convictions or findings of guilt for:
 crimes involving dishonesty
 crimes of violence
 sex related offences
 serious drug offences
• Current Working with Children Registration
• Current First Aid Certificate
• Current motor vehicle driver’s licence.
• Tinney Licence.

The applicant will also be required to fulfil ACTAS documentation requirements. Costs associated with complying with documentation requirements will be met by Rowing ACT.

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