Rowing pontoons have arrived for Yarralumla Bay and Capital Lakes

The Connect-a-Dock pontoons have arrived from America and are safely stored at Yarralumla Bay.
Tomorrow at 9:30am a small team will connect the modules under Doug Lumsden’s guidance.
Alan Buterac will co-ordinate volunteers as he did today with the unloading.

The end product will be 2 full (4 x 10 module) pontoons and 1 shorter pontoon (4 x 8 module) as we could not fit everything in the container. Once the remaining modules arrive in the second container they can then be attached to the shorter pontoon.

Once the pontoons are pieced together we will tie them off to the moorings in the middle of Yarralumla Bay using the deep water hardware supplied. The NCA has approved this providing they do not inconvenience the other bay users. An alternative is to either tie them to the moorings adjacent to the AIS pontoons or the wharf next to the CGGS shed.

The CLRC pontoon will be relocated to their shed early next week by Ecoway staff.

A big vote of thanks from the rowing community to James Hammond for carrying this major project through to near completion, to the ACT government for providing half the funds, and the NCA for expediting planning approval, and funding for installation

A reminder to all that these are Rowing ACT facilities. They have been purchased for the Rowing Australia Masters’ Championships, and will be relocated for that regatta, and are not long-term Yarralumla Bay facilities.
Thanks to all our volunteers who unloaded the container today.
David Bagnall

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