James Hammond stands down from Rowing ACT


James Hammond stands down from Rowing ACT

Rowing ACT’s Executive Officer James Hammond has announced he will be standing down to take up the position of Director of Rowing at Prince Alfred College, Adelaide in mid-July.

James was a major contributor to the success of the Australian Masters Rowing Championships in 2013, the biggest ever Rowing Australia regatta in numbers of crews competing. As the only paid employee of the association James worked successfully with a huge volunteer workforce to run an exceptional event at a venue that was a green fields site prior to and after the event. This remarkable success was in part due to James’ willingness to recruit and work with all of theACT Rowing Community, and his polite but determined attitude. James and the Regatta sub-committee faced major administrative hurdles, and all of these were negotiated with grace and calm resolve. James’ willingness and ability to work very long hours contributed to the success of that ACT regatta and also to the 2014 National regatta in Penrith.

During James’ tenure the sport has grown successively in each year in the ACT. Infrastructure associated with the sport has also significantly improved. James has been an integral part of that success.

When asked what he thought the highlights of his time in the role James said
“The successful hosting of the AMRC which was a credit to the entire ACT rowing community.

The progress we have achieved in advancing facilities for the organisation which no doubt will continue. I very much look forward to the day Rowing ACT moves into the BMP facility.

The improvements we have made to enhancing the professionalism of the organisation in particular the regattas and structure behind them.

I also have to say that despite many telling me it was not included in my role, I have very much enjoyed my time on the lake with various volunteers doing the quite tasks that many do not know about. Replacing moorings, working on the course and at times shepherding the ferries through a regatta.”

On behalf of all of the rowing community I wish James well for this wonderful challenge that he is taking on in Adelaide. I am sure that his enthusiasm, knowledge and organisation will lead to success at Prince Alfred College, following in the footsteps of his friend and mentor Andrew Randell.

David Bagnall (President)

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