Call for Boat Race Officials – 2014/15 RACT Season


Call for Boat Race Officials – 2014/15 RACT Season

We need your help!

Each year Rowing ACT runs a set of competitive regattas for the enjoyment of all rowers. For these regattas to be successful, there is a group of volunteers working to ensure regatta races run safely, with fairness and on-time. All three ingredients are essential for competitor and spectator enjoyment.

The average Rowing ACT regatta normally requires at least 20 officials and helpers to run. They are volunteers performing both officiating and administrative roles, covering umpiring, starting, judging, marshalling, boat driving, setup and recording roles. Without sufficient volunteers, Rowing ACT cannot effectively run regattas to time with adequate safety and fairness. Maintaining a healthy pool of volunteers is essential to conduct safe and enjoyable regatta events.

To keep our volunteer base healthy, Rowing ACT needs your help to identify and encourage volunteers to sign up for the upcoming regatta season. Most roles are simple to perform and require minimal knowledge of rowing. The main commitment is your time on regatta days, and a willingness to work to ensure our regattas are safe, enjoyable and successful. For those new to officiating or not familiar with rowing technicalities, you will not be thrown in at the deep end, nor expected to learn all the technicalities of rowing. Volunteers will be trained to perform assigned roles within their abilities and willingness to undertake. For those who are interested in taking a more enduring interest in officiating, support to obtain formal officiating accreditation is also available – although this is not necessary to become a valued or regular volunteer.

To ensure that you are prepared to start officiating, a training day will be held this year at Canberra Girls Grammar School Aquatic Centre on the 26th of October 2014. The training day will commence at 10:00 am.

The commitment sought from volunteers is flexible. If you are available for days when regattas are held, your help will be appreciated. If you are not due to other commitments, that is Ok as well. Any regattas you can assist at will be valued. Although most volunteers commit to the full duration of a regatta, we are also able to accommodate half day commitments, which may run from the start to noon, or noon through to completion.

If you are able to assist as a volunteer, please contact Rowing ACT by e-mail, or call Michael Cusack on 0406376666. We will welcome you at the training day and look forward to joining the friendly group of volunteers who keep our regattas running smoothly.

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