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Attached is a copy of the Draft Rowing ACT Strategic Plan.

Some things to consider.

This year the Rowing ACT Board reviewed the previous strategic plan and considered that a number of aspects of the plan remain important and valuable to the ACT Rowing Community.

Rowing ACT was also asked to contribute to discussions and development of the Rowing Australia Strategic Plan. The RA Strategic Plan is not yet complete but it incorporates Indoor Rowing and Coastal Rowing as new aspects of the sport. Rowing ACT has included relevant areas of the proposed RA strategy in the Draft Rowing ACT Strategic Plan. The RA strategic plan will not be ratified until May 2022.

The High Performance aspects of the RA Strategy remain extant so the Rowing ACT Strategic Plan does not change much in this area.

The Draft Rowing ACT Strategic Plan is provided for review by Clubs and Schools and we welcome any advice and suggestions. We encourage you to spend time with your members discussing aspects of the plan. Details on the workshop will be provided shortly when a venue can be confirmed.

Please note that implementation plans may sit underneath the strategic plan, where appropriate, to provide more detail on key initiatives.

If you have any questions please contact me.