ACT Sport & Recreation Advice 7 April 2020

Hi Stuart,

We have a received a number of follow up queries from within sports where a level of activity may be permitted to continue under the current COVID-19 measures. As Rowing is one such sport with opportunity for a level of continued activity, I am following up with some further clarification on the advice below.

As noted, there are restrictions in place being enforced by governments, the parameters of which are allowing some sports to continue a level of activity.

This advice, however, does not diminish the need for these sports to undertake appropriate risk assessment regarding the detailed and habitual nature of their practices and activities to fully assess their capability and confidence to ensure adherence to the measures, including maximum gathering size (2), compliance with social distancing requirements and good hygiene practice.

This risk assessment in some cases is leading to decisions to close or remain closed, while for others it is seeing heightened procedures around participation sites for the protection of members and to ensure compliance. As a peak body, Rowing ACT is encouraged to undertake this risk assessment in consultation with clubs and you may determine enhanced preventative practices, specific to your environment and beyond the advice provided below, are deemed necessary and appropriate in the interest of protecting member and community health.

My ongoing support remains should you wish to discuss this further.

Kind regards