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The 2014 Head of the Molonglo is an Movember marathon event for eights, quads and coxed (student) quads. All participants must be registered rowers.

Entries: Entries, when opened, should be emailed to Participants will be informed of opening of entries on the website.

Start: 8am, 16 November, Burley Griffin Canoe Club, Molonglo Reach, Campbell – see area in red for approximate starting location.

Finish: Point of Black Mountain Peninsular (yellow cable sign).

Length. The Head of the Molonglo is one of the longer races in the ACT, about 7 kms.

Seat fees. Regatta seat fees of $8 apply.

The Golden Jubilee Medallions celebrating rowing in the ACT were launched today at the presentations held in the Southern Cross Marquee. The medals are now on sale and have been pitched to recover costs i.e. they are celebratory and not a fund-raising exercise.

The medallions are a large coin measuring 70mm across and 6mm thick.

A Silver medallion, in a specially embossed BRO box, is to be awarded to the BROs and to our two stalwart course maintenance men, Alex and Simo. These are not for sale. The BROs will be those who are currently making, or have made, a substantial contribution to rowing in the ACT.

Antique Gold medallions are the main medallions on sale. They will cost $15 for a single medallion in a black velvet embossed box, and $30 for a double as shown in the photo below.

antique gold medallions



A very limited number of shiny gold medallions have been produced and will be kept for presentations and for possible gifts to other partnering organisations. However, 5 single shiny gold medallions, and 5 double shiny gold medallions, have been offered for sale for $40 and $80 respectively. Two of the double boxes were sold today.

If you wish to purchase medallions you can make arrangements by email – – for collection. We will also be making quantities available for sale through Clubs.

The Water Police have indicated that from 1 October they will be checking boats for registration compliance. As clubs should be aware, the NCA has introduced a new tinny registration protocol, that has additional requirements for clubs to have fulfilled. Please ensure that all tinnies are registered, and that all tinny drivers are carrying their licences.

ALL A.C.T. TINNY drivers MUST have a NSW BOAT DRIVER’S licence, irrespective of the potential speed of their coaching boat. This A.C.T. requirement is different from that in N.S.W.

Ignorance of the local regulations will be hard to argue, given that you have been told.

The message from Paul Cartwright from the Water Police is reproduced below

The Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012 delegates members of the Australian Federal Police (SRG Maritime) to act as Maritime Safety Inspectors (MSI) on behalf of AMSA.

This delegation requires SRG Maritime members as Inspectors to enforce the provisions of the National Laws on waterways, both locally here within the A.C.T and nationally during Maritime operations. These powers include boarding vessels for the purpose of inspection/compliance and to ensure the vessel Master/Owner is complying with those laws in regards to:

Safe vessel operation and Maritime safety compliance (including on-board safety equipment and passenger numbers);
Sighting of vessel survey certificates, certificates of operation, vessel log books and other relevant documentation; and
Sighting of current and valid operating certificates for Crewing requirements, dependant on vessel classification and area of operations.

For the information of all lake users, from 01 October 2014 SRG Maritime will commence random vessel inspections and speak to vessel operators of all powered watercraft utilising Lake Burley Griffin and other A.C.T waterways.

These inspections will be conducted with the intent to minimise disruption to the operation of Commercial vessels, whilst ensuring that the activities of recreational club vessels aren’t unreasonably impacted. In many cases vessels will be approached when they tied alongside jetties or as they are launched from the various clubs, however there may times when the Police vessel will come alongside and request to speak to the Master of the vessel or in some circumstances to board the vessel requesting same.

I’d ask for your cooperation in ensuring full compliance with the Maritime regulations, so as to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all Lake Users.

ACTAS will be conducting the first of its monthly NTC Time Trials tomorrow morning starting at 7:00am. Participating athletes will be trailing from the white poles (finish of the Winter TT Course) to Kingston Harbor between 7:00am and 7:45am.


To mark the 50th anniversary of rowing in the ACT the Association will host a gathering at the Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club on 28 September.

The Golden Jubilee Medallions, which Rowing ACT commissioned, will be launched and will be available for sale for the first time. They reflect rowing themes in the ACT and the large 70mm medallions are set in attractive single or double cases. They are an antique gold but there also will be a very limited edition of (shiny) gold medallions for sale. The medals are celebratory and therefore the overall prices have been set to recover costs and not to fundraise.

The event will also be for the 2014 award presentations. There will be trophy presentations for premiership winners and awards for the 2014 Winter Time Trail series. The Winter Time Trial awards winners will be based on the overall point score and the fastest boat in each category across the series.

Date: 28th September 2014
Time: 11:30am – 01:30pm
Venue: Canberra Southern Cross Yacht Club Marquee, Mariner Place, Lotus Bay, Yarralumla ACT 2600
Dress: Smart Causal

Light refreshments will be served.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The start time for the Saturday small boats of the Winter Time Trial number 5 has been changed from 9:30am to 7:00am due to an event clash.

Dragons Abreast ACT are hosting their 2014 Social and Corporate Regatta from Weston Park on Saturday 20th of September from 8:15am – 12:00pm.

The original amended event start time of 6:30am has been changed to 7:00am as Dragons Abreast ACT have kindly agreed to start their regatta 15 min later to allow WTT competitors a more practical start time.

The start time for the Saturday small boats of the Winter Time Trial number 5 has been changed from 9:30am to 6:30am due to an event clash.

Dragons Abreast ACT are hosting their 2014 Social and Corporate Regatta from Weston Park on Saturday 20th of September from 8:00am – 12:00pm.

Safety Notice – Bow Lights: Bow lights must be worn by rowers on water in limited light conditions. Please note that on the 21st of September twilight is scheduled between 5:45am and sunrise at 6:10am.

Rowing ACT is looking to appoint selectors for the 2015 state crews at the inter-state regatta.

Ideally, nominees for this position should have recent experience in some of the following:
• Coaching at elite level
• Competition at elite level
• Management of elite athletes and coaches
• Be familiar with current national rowing trends
• Have strong analytical skills
The successful nominees must:
• Attend meetings as required by from time to time
• Attend regattas as required from time to time
• Attend selection events as required

When you apply, please include a brief dot point, one page summary of your experience and qualifications (as related to the Selection of Athletes).
Nominations are due at the RACT office by close of business Friday 12th September 2014 by post, email or hand delivered.

On day two of the Trans-Tasman regatta on Lake Karapiro New Zealand. ACTAS rowers Cara Grzeskowiak( CLRC) and Sarah Davis(ANUBC) combined with Australian team mates Lucy Trembearth(MUBC) and Holly Lawrence(SUBC) to win the Quad sculls.

Sarah and Cara will combine with the remainder if the women’s Australian team to race the eight this afternoon, on the final day of racing.

Ben Southwell – ACTAS – 30/08/2014 Stunning Course

The Quad