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Final 2012-2013 Premiership Point Score Top 10
Updated 30/05/2013

View the complete Rowing ACT 2012-2013 Premiership Point Score .

|1|Canberra Rowing Club|420*|302.5*|722.5|
|2|Black Mountain Rowing Club|341.5|289|630.5|
|3|Radford College|318|230|548|
|4|Marist College|250|0|250|
|5|Canberra Boys Grammar|240|0|240|
|6|ANU BC|88|146|234|
|7|Daramalan College|63|170|233|
|8|Canberra Girls Grammar School|0|184|184|
|9|Lake Tuggeranong RC|123|42.5|165.5|
|10|Capital Lakes RC|13|144|157|

*Mens and Womens Premiership Winners

View the final Rowing ACT 2011-2012 Premiership Point Score .

View the final Rowing ACT 2010-2011 Premiership Point Score .

Points have been allocated as per the following guide lines:

1. Points only to be awarded to crews judged to have finished 1, 2 or 3.

2. Points have only been allocated to races where there are 3 or more crews competing from two or more clubs, except in the case of eights where points have been allocated to races with two or more crews from two or more clubs. Should a crew scratch from such a race following the final draw points will still be awarded.

3. When two or more crews from the same club finish in any of these positions, points shall only be awarded to the first of such crews.

4. For Championship races, points are awarded only in accordance with the final award of places for each event. The following points are awarded for championship place getters;
1st – 12
2nd – 6
3rd – 3

5. For Non-championship events points are allocated to the place getters within each division. The following points are awarded for non-championship events;
1st – 4
2nd – 2
3rd – 1

6. Composite crew point split. Each club making up a composite crew receives the appropriate proportion of points (ie if two clubs, half the points each, if three clubs, one third of the points each).

7. Mixed crew point split. Mixed crew points are split between male and female point scores.

Lake Tuggeranong Points Allocation

1. Each participating crew is awarded 4 points.
2. Points are allocated to place getters within each category final.
3. Guide lines number 3 and 7 from above are applied to the Lake Tuggeranong Regatta.
4. For the 2012 Lake Tuggeranong Regatta the following points were allocated to place getters within each category final;
1st – 12
2nd – 6
3rd – 3

Rowing ACT has adopted the Rowing Australia Rules of Racing, with some local exceptions which are contained in the ACTRA Laws of Racing.

# “ACTRA Laws of Racing”:
# “Rowing Australia Rules of Racing”:

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# “ACTRA constitution”:
# “ACTRA by-laws”:
# “ACTRA Strategic Plan”:
# “Committee Members”:about/4/office-bearers
# “ACTRA Rules of Racing”:
# “Rowing Australia Rules of Racing”:
# “Rower Score System Description”:DocumentLinks/25/summary-of-act-rower-score-system-2006-2007
# Rowing ACT Regatta Hosting Guide
# “Lake Burley Griffin traffic flow map”:
# “Lake Tuggeranong Traffic Flow Guidelines”:
# RA On-Water Safety Code and Guidelines
# Lake Burley Griffin rowing course traffic flow map
# Lake Burley Griffin Regatta Reverse Traffic Flow Procedure
# “ACTRA Trophies”:DocumentLinks/26/rowing-act-trophies
# “Crew change or withdrawal form”:/resources/Scratchings%20and%20Crew%20Changes.pdf
# Regatta entries by Club administrations to “Rowing Manager”:

Rowers and coxswains are registered with ACTRA by each club. Individuals cannot register with ACTRA other than through a club membership. Your local club knows the procedure for this and maintains the ACTRA registration records for your club. Only registered members can participate in regattas.

The fees are:

|Rowing Affiliation Fee
|Payable for each club member whether a competitor or not. Normally payable in December, based on previous season’s membership.|$20.00|
|Rower Registration Fee| Payable for each competitor wether in ACT or elsewhere| $65.00/adult
$25.00/cox |
|Race Seat Fee| Payable by invoice to clubs after each regatta| $8.00 for point score races
$15.00 for championship races |

These fees include the Rowing Australia rower registration fee of $16.00/competitor, and also cover regatta licence fees and insurance cover (professional indemnity and public liability)

RACT operates under “Rowing Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy”: RA is committed to the principals of anti-doping and the fundamental rationale for the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code) and FISA‘s anti-doping rules which state that: “doping is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport, the principal of fair play, medical ethics and can be harmful for the health of the athletes.”

RACT’s Anti-Doping Officer is “Deb Styman”

RACT has adopted Rowing Australia’s Member Protection Policy. RA has developed this policy to validate its commitment to providing an environment for participants of all ages and backgrounds that is safe, free from harassment and abuse, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.

The most recent version of the Rowing Australia Member Protection Policy can be found on the Rowing Australia website here.

RACT’s Member Protection Officer is “Deb Styman”