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The ACT Department of Parks, Conservation and Lands is going to conduct willow removal at the side of Lake Burley Griffin during May this year. As part of these works the pontoon jetty located near the end of the rowing course, will be temporarily removed. No specific dates for the work have been indicated yet.

See here for
information about the 2010 WTT Series. Entry forms for clubs are here.

Following ergometer testing the Youth Cup 2010 Training Squad has been selected. See here for the details of the squad.

Rowing ACT will be holding a Level 1 coaching course on the 23rd May, and a Level 2 course on the 26th – 27th of June. Send an email to us for more details and to register your interest.

Rowing ACT is seeking applications for the position of Team Manager. Click here for information.
Coaches are encouraged to nominate for the Youth Cup 2010 Regatta. Fill in this form and return via email by 7th May 2010.

Upper respiratory tract infections (common cold) infections are a
reason many athletes miss training in Canberra during the winter season. The
Department of Physiology is undertaking a study to examine whether probiotics
reduce colds and GI illness over the 6 months of winter and spring. The study
involves taking a probiotic supplement provided by the AIS daily from May to
September 2010 and filling in an online daily physical activity and illness log.
The log takes about 2 minutes per day to fill out. The study is designed to be as
minimally time consuming as possible and only require participants to be able to
log in to a computer.
Probiotic supplements, termed good bacteria, are being marketed as a way to boost
your immune system and reduce the risk of contracting infection.
While evidence for the use of probiotic supplements in specific sub-groups of the
population is increasing, there is little evidence of efficacy in physically
active, healthy individuals.
If you are between 18 to 60 years of age, healthy and undertaking a minimum 2 to
3 exercise sessions a week, we are looking for you.
There are a number of benefits of participating, including:

# That the supplement may reduce the risk of illness this winter;
# The AIS is running free lectures on nutrition and training program design and

# The supplement is free.

The only restriction is that a number of brands of commercial yoghurt cannot
be eating during the study. More information can be found here. Or you can contact Nicholas West at the AIS at for more information.

Rowing Australia and the Australian Sports Commission have updated the Member Protection Policy that is adopted by all Australian Rowing organisations. The update relations to clarifying the policy in relation to the “Working with Children Check” laws operating in Australia now. The policy can be found here.

Revised proposed dates for this year’s winter time trials listed below. Note that the first WTT date has been brought forward one week from the original dates proposed. Comments should be returned to ACTRA via email before the end of tomorrow, Friday 09 April.

# 08-09 May 2010
# 19-20 June 2010
# 24-25 July 2010
# 14-15 August 2010
# 18-19 September 2010