National Coach Accreditation Scheme

To ensure all athletes and participants enjoy a safe and rewarding sport, Rowing Australia is working continually to build an effective and relevant coach accreditation program. This is supplemented with a calendar of coach education events and a large variety of coach education resources. Our task is to ensure we have qualified coaches delivering safe and rewarding programs to all school, club and elite athletes.


Provide a World Class, education and accreditation program


  • Rowing Australia aims to deliver a World Class coach education and accreditation program that is relevant, accessible and of high quality.
  • The Program should become the primary coaching resource for every level of coach in Australia
  • The primary outcome of training and up-skilling coaches – must be to transfer theoretical knowledge into implementing more effective coaching practices.

The following Development Pathway outlines the NCAS structure that will begin in January 2010 for Rowing Coach Accreditation in Australia.

The Pathway signifies the commitment of Rowing Australia and all Coaches within its Community – to ongoing and continuous education in the pursuit of more effective coaching.