On-water Safety Code

RA On-Water Safety Code and Guidelines

As part of RA’s ongoing commitment to Community Development a number of tools have been developed to assist rowing clubs and the rowing community to enjoy the waterways in a safe and responsible manner.

Extensive research has been undertaken into existing policies and guidelines and the Code and Guidelines are intended to work alongside any State or National/International Maritime regulations and rules.

The following resources have been developed by RA and are available from the links on the side of this page:

Safe On-Water Code of Conduct

The Code outlines in simple terms the expectations of safe use of waterways and the relationships that exist between users of those waterways.

On-Water Safety Guidelines – A Practical Guide for Rowing Clubs in Australia

The Guidelines expands in layman’s terms how the Code can be applied by Clubs and individuals. In particular, it outlines the recommendation that each club appoint a ‘Safety Officer’ to monitor safety issues within their own club.

Safety Assessment Checklist

This Excel spreadsheet is designed to be a fast and simple check list that will enable a Club safety officer to rapidly assess where weaknesses exist in safety procedure and equipment.

The document is outcomes focused can be easily considered by Rowing Club Committees to ensure that members are using waterways safely and responsibly in line with RA’s recommended guidelines.

Queries regarding the Code of Conduct or Guidelines should be forwarded to Jaime Fernandez at jfernandez@rowingaustralia.com.au