National Policy on Match Fixing

Rowing ACT is committed to the continued integrity of Australian Rowing. Consistent with this commitment to integrity Rowing Australia, its Member Associations and members of the rowing community aspire to observe the highest standards of conduct.

Rowing ACT recognises that betting is a legitimate pursuit, however illegal or fraudulent betting is not. Fraudulent betting on sport and the associated Match-fixing is an emerging and critical issue globally, for sport, the betting industry and governments alike.

Rowing Australia and its Member State and Territory Associations recognise the importance of protecting the continued integrity of rowing and have a zero tolerance for illegal gambling and Match-fixing.

The purpose of the National Policy on Match-fixing is to:

  1. protect and maintain the integrity of rowing
  2. protect against any efforts to impact improperly the result of any match or event
  3. establish a uniform rule and consistent scheme of enforcement and penalties, and
  4. adhere to the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport as agreed by Australian Governments on 10 June 2011.

National Policy on Match Fixing – Adopted 18 June 2014

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