Cross Training Challenge

Earn points for your club by taking part in our Clubs Cross Training Challenge! Anyone can take part, so grab your family and friends, and make it a group effort. Individual prizes will also be awarded for outstanding results, including the biggest improvement in each age and gender category.

Run, Erg, Row, Walk or Ride for 4km and log it on the Rowing ACT website to count the points. Want to try a different sport? Send us or tag us in a picture of your creative exercise option to earn bonus points for your club!

For each result logged, you earn 4 points for your club. For more details on how the points work, see below.


  • You can only gain points for each sport once per weekend. However, you can gain multiple sets of points by completing different sports. For example: If you go for a 10km row on Saturday, and a 4km bike ride on Sunday, you will earn 8 points for your club – 4 points for the row, and 4 points for the ride.
  • Family members and friends who participate in these activities can also donate their points to a club as well as be eligible for individual prizes.
  • Some type of proof must be submitted with your entry. This could include photos of your erg screen, strava results, a stopwatch or anything else that shows you completed the challenge.
  • Rowers who complete a Winter Time Trial on any of the nominated weekends will be automatically included in the Cross-Training Challenge points.