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A new webpage has been added to the RACT site to assist Member Clubs meet their guest club briefing obligations. Clubs may wish to refer Clubs to the webpage in the first instance.

If you would like to see content added to the page, please let us know.



Interstate Clubs are sometimes hosted by Member Clubs. These arrangements can
be an important source of funds and promote Canberra as a rowing venue.
However, such Clubs are not familiar with the protocols that exist for rowing in
Canberra and can pose serious risks by not adhering to traffic flows and through
excessive or careless use of tinnies.
Accordingly, all Member Clubs must brief their visiting Clubs including providing
those Clubs with the ACT By-laws, the NCA Lake Burley Griffin traffic flow
Guidelines and advice regarding NCA Temporary Permits for Powered Vessels.
Member Clubs should draw the attention of visiting Clubs to the tinnie protocols in
these By-laws.”

Weston Park Pontoons: Please see below rough guide for use of the newly installed pontoons at Weston Park.

Pontoon 1 – Both sides used for incoming boats.

Pontoon 2 – Northern side used for incoming boats. Southern side used for outgoing boats.

Pontoon 3 – Both sides used for outgoing boats.

All three pontoons will be signposted on the day.

Please encourage your members to not waste time on the pontoon. Crews getting on and off the water quickly is paramount to the flow of the regatta.

 Weston Park Parking: The car park abutting the Weston Park Café is now very busy of a Saturday morning. Please encourage your members to use the on-grass parking highlighted on the map below. Access to this car park will be sign posted as always.

Weston Park Pontoons & Parking Map

 2008 Sykes HW carbon/honeycomb single for sale including Croaker S4 adjustable sculling blades, NK Speedcoach Gold, boat cradle and rigger bag – $6000.  

 The boat and extras are in very good condition. White with navy blue and royal blue pin stripes. Weighs 14.5kg. Rower weight 90-100kg. The boat was used from 2008-2012 and has rarely been used in recent years. Located in Canberra.

 Contact – Dave Wright

Phone – 0400 548 328

email –

The Association pontoons currently located near CGS, CRC and CLRC will be relocated to Weston Park tomorrow (Tuesday, 27 October) in time for the weekend’s regatta.
Some history regarding these pontoons is outlined in previous posts on this site.

These were the notifications that we put up at the time when RACT bought the pontoons

If you have thought about joining the ranks of the ACT Boat Race Officials, aka ‘the BROs’, then drop by our upcoming BRO Training Seminar:

Time – 3:00pm to 5:oopm

Date – Saturday the 7th of November

Location – Canberra Girls Grammar Aquatic Centre, Alexandrina Dr, Yarralumla

Canberra Girls Grammar School Aquatic Centre Yarralumla

BMRC would like to invite all clubs to support the ‘Do it in a dress’ fundraiser at that CLRC Regatta next Saturday, 31st October. For info about how to get involved, see the below flyer.

Do it in a dress ACT Rowing

It’s only 2 weeks until the 2015 Tuggeranong Festival Cup Regatta on Saturday 7 November. The first round of races on this day will start at 8.00am and the grand finale is scheduled for 12.30pm. This regatta is unique in that it is a quads only event and all races are over a snappy 750m course. The grand finale will see the fastest quads from each of the 5 categories in a handicapped race to decide the winner of the Tuggie Cup for 2015.

We invite you to get your crews organised, place your entries and come and enjoy the experience of rowing on the picturesque Lake Tuggeranong. Full event information can be found on the RACT website (

LTRC organising committee

The rowing season is upon us and Lake Burley Griffin is about to get busier. To ensure safety for all please consider the below reminder.

  1. Ensure that the Watercraft Safety on Lake Burley Griffin Traffic Flow Guide is followed, including all boats being lit in the dark with white light visible from 360o. Remember that overtaking vessels have a legal obligation to keep clear and give way to boats on your starboard (bow) side.
  2. The Rowing Australia On Water Safety Guidelines are useful resources outlining safe use of waterways for rowers.
  3. Keep safe – and shout loudly if a rower is on collision course in your direction, they maybe unaware that you have stopped or are even there!
  4. Follow the Use of Tinnies Protocol (RACT BY LAW 35.). See below:

All tinnie drivers need to be aware of other unpowered craft (e.g. rowers and canoeists) and must show them reasonable courtesy. A tinnie driver must never deliberately endanger or interfere with rowers. For the comfort and safety of rowers, tinnie drivers are asked to follow the guidelines below.

i. Cut wash when passing unpowered craft travelling in the opposite direction. This is to be done in advance of passing unpowered craft to ensure wash created does not roll onto the unpowered craft;

ii. When a moving tinnie is being approached from behind by a faster unpowered craft, cut wash to allow the faster unpowered craft to pass;

iii. Where possible minimise tinnie wash in East and Central Basin as the hard walls allow wash to impact crews for some time;

iv. Minimise tinnie wash on Yarramundi Reach when travelling South towards the start line;

v. While keeping pace with crews being coached/timed travelling North on Yarramundi Reach towards the finish line, drivers are asked to make a reasonable effort to minimise the impact of wash on unpowered craft using the course.

vi. When safe to do so, it is recommended that tinnie drivers proceeding from finish to start on the rowing course do so close to the centre of the course. This allows drivers to cut power and minimise wash accurately.

vii. Precautions need to be taken to avoid passing unpowered craft within close proximity.

Member Clubs are also asked to:

i. ensure their tinnie operators are suitably licensed, trained and skilled to operate tinnies; and

ii. refrain from the use of loudhailers before 8 am close to residential areas including the Governor General’s residence.

A reminder that there will be events run on both days this weekend.

If rowers or coaches are not involved in the below events it is asked that they show respect to competitors by keeping clear of the course for the event duration.

Disher Cup – Saturday 10th of October (08:00 – 10:00)

The Disher Cup course runs from Kingston Foreshore to Regatta Point. Crews will be taking the shortest course possible.

Col Panton Marathon – Sunday 11th October (07:00 – 8:15)

The Marathon course runs from East Basin to the Yarramundi Reach rowing course. Crews in this event will also be taking the shortest course possible.

NOTE: The WTT/ HotM / Col Panton Presentation will be held following the completion of the Col Panton Marathon at Canberra Rowing Club. A $5 breakfast will also be provided along with a Coffee Van (Green Bean Machine). Breakfast will be served from 8.45 and the presentation will follow shortly after.

Please email if you have any questions.

Following the Col Panton Marathon this Sunday the 11th October will be the presentation for the 30th Winter Time Trial Series, the Head of the Molonglo and the Marathon.

The presentation will be accompanied by a $5 BBQ breakfast and will be held at Canberra Rowing Club. A Coffee Van will also be available.

Perpetual trophies will be awarded for the Winter Time Trial winners and Col Panton Marathon.

Prizes will also be presented for winners of various categories for the 30th Winter Time Trial Series.

A list of WTT winners can be found here.

See you there!