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ACT Minister of Tourism, Sport and Recreation Andrew Barr yesterday announced that Rowing ACT had been successful with its grant applications for funding assistance from the ACT government for the coming year.
The most significant of these grants is for the purchase of three Modular Connect-a-Dock Pontoons for use on Lake Burley Griffin. These Association pontoons have been ordered specifically for the 2013 Rowing Australia Masters Championship Regatta as part of an upgrade of facilities at Weston Park. This regatta is potentially the biggest ever hosted in Canberra and the pontoons will facilitate boating at the venue. Following on from the NCA lowering the lake on December 1, 2011 we have temporarily assigned these pontoons to clubs that have suffered major inconvenience: two of them to be located on Yarralumla Bay, and one at Capital Lakes RC. We understand that the pontoons will be arriving within a month, and should help alleviate the worst of the problems that clubs are continuing to have with the lake being low. The Association will match the ACT grant dollar for dollar, and will retain ownership of the pontoons so that they will be available for the 2013 Masters Championship regatta, and/or after the lake level resumes its normal depth, when clubs will revert to boating without the pontoons.

The association also successfully applied for a much smaller development grant for a website upgrade, and continued to receive triennial funding for our sport, which pays our administrative officer’s salary.
Rowing ACT thanks Minister Barr and the ACT’s Sport and Recreation Services of the Economic Development Directorate of the ACT Government for their extensive support over recent years. These projects will continue to help our sport grow.
David Bagnall

We have recently been made aware that the insurer, Associated Marine have exited the pleasure craft market and are no longer offering Marine Hull / Rowing Scull Insurance for clubs with assets under $3,000,000.

Rowing Australia and all state associations have worked closely with Willis Insurance Brokers to provide a National Marine / Rowing Scull Insurance Program for all affiliated associations, clubs and individual rowing members.

If your clubs or schools boats are presently insured with Associated Marine, we recommend that you contact to obtain a quotation from Willis:

Australian Rowing National Insurance Program Account Manager
Sarah Whitehall
Ph: (02) 9285 4111 or local call cost only 1300 945 547

The National Marine Hull / Rowing Scull Insurance provides fantastic cover and benefits at an extremely competitive price. Many rowing organisations may own their own building / facilities, non marine property, equipment and trailers that require insurance, Willis can also assist with this type of coverage. Rowing NSW encourages clubs and schools to contact Willis should you have any questions regarding the above.

Download the “CGGS Regatta No 4 Results”:file_download/199

The Regatta Reverse Traffic Flow procedure dated 16/11/2011 will be in place throughout the Canberra Girls Grammar School Regatta on the 4th February. The presence of the Reverse Flow Gate indicates reverse flow is in place.

View the Traffic Flow Procedures here

RACT would like to bring to your attention the following Rowing Australia documents which are now available through our website:

On- water safety guidelines – A Practical Guide for Rowing Clubs in Australia .

Rowing Australia Safe On-water Code of Conduct – Safe On-Water Conduct for Rowing in Australia .

Safety Assessment Check List .

“Rowing ACT Incident Report Form”:file_download/196.

These documents are now easily accessed via the Safety Management tab found within the Documents menu on the home page.

These documents should be read carefully by Club Committees and appropriate actions taken. In particular:

Safety Officer
Every club has the responsibility to appoint a member as a Safety Officer whose duty is to coordinate the implementation of an appropriate safety program in accordance with local water safety guidelines, the RA ‘Onwater Code of Conduct’ and the recommendations provided within these Guidelines.

Incident Reporting Procedures
Clubs must ensure that all members have access to and are educated and trained in their individual responsibilities to report incidents using the Club’s ‘Incident Reporting Logbook’ as a means of helping to develop safe practices.
The reporting of unsafe conduct of all water users and incidents on and off water is critical to the safe use of Australian waterways. Therefore any incident or ‘near incident’ are to be recorded in a club’s ‘Incident Reporting Logbook’ and reported directly to the Club Safety Officer. It is the Club Safety Officers’ responsibility to ensure this information is forwarded to the Club board and State Safety Officer – and local marine authorities (if required under the local waterway safety procedures).

Safety Auditing
Auditing the level of safe practice and acting on the findings is essential if clubs are to fulfil their duty of care. RA’s Safety Checklist was designed to cover the basic aspects of club and training camp safety.

Rowing ACT Incident Report Form:
In the event a club does not have an Incident Reporting Document, clubs may utilise the Rowing ACT Incident Report Form available “here”:file_download/196.

The Regatta Reverse Traffic Flow procedure dated 16/11/2011 will be in place throughout the Canberra Girls Grammar School Regatta. The presence of the Reverse Flow Gate indicates reverse flow is in place.

View the Traffic Flow Procedures here

Weston Park Regatta Setup, Boating Arrangements and Safety Warnings

Due to low lake levels arrangements have been made to utilise Weston Park as the alternative regatta hub. Regatta commentary will be broadcast in Weston Park as well as Lady Denman Drive. The First Aid facilities will be located in Weston Park.

View the Weston Park Regatta Setup Map


Within Weston Park a large space within 150 metres of the water’s edge has been designated for Spectator parking. The access route will be sign posted from Weston Park road. Please make every effort to encourage Spectators to utilise this parking area.

Weston Park trailer parking is available in the car park at the end of Pescott Lane (accessed via Pescott Lane). When entering Weston Park disregard regatta parking signs. Please insure you park trailers as close to the boat park as possible.

Please insure those viewing from the finish area do not park illegally. Ample parking is available on Black Mountain Peninsular which is less than a 6 minute walk from the finish line.


A Café is located adjacent to the car park off Pescott Lane which will open at 8am and serve everything you would expect from a typical café.

Black Mountain Rowing Club will provide catering at the finish line area.

Weston Park Setup

Please insure you do not setup or drive vehicles in the Additional Spectator Area as there are irrigation pipelines below the surface. This area is north of the dirt path leading from the end of Pescott Land to the water’s edge.


Currently due to high Blue-green Algae levels the rowing course is closed to Primary Contact which includes whole-body water contact or submersion of the head. The Course remains open for Secondary Contact which includes rowing. ACT Health Guidelines recommend people should not engage in Secondary contact activities unless they are experienced. As a consequence of the alert we will be providing basic shower facilities within Weston Park. Please insure all competitors are aware of the conditions. For more information regarding the alert please refer and direct competitors to the National Capital Authorities website here .

Download the “Canberra Girls Grammar School Regatta #4 FINAL draw”:file_download/197

Download the “Canberra Girls Grammar School Regatta #4 FINAL program”:file_download/198