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Provisional results for this morning’s ‘big’ boat time trial have been published here.

Provisional results for this morning’s small boat time trial have been published here. Under 23 World Rowing Championships The U23s have commenced in Racice, Czech Republic with three ACT athletes competing – Lauren Burraston, Louise Kilby and David Wright. Lauren (WL4x) and David (M4x) are straight through to the final after winning their heats. Louise (W4-) was 3rd in her heat but then missed out on the A Final in the repechages. Australian race commentary is available at the Rowing Australia web site. Full race reports are at the FISA web site.

The start lists for this weekend’s have been published: Saturday; Sunday.

Entries for the third round of the ACT Winter Time Trials close this weekend with ACTRA – see your club for details. There are a few bow numbers that were not returned after the last TT. Can you please contact ACTRA if you have these. Australian Youth Cup 2009 – Results The Youth Cup regatta was run last weekend at SIRC. The official results are available on ROMS and a final media release from the organisers is here. ACT athlete results are:

  • M1x(D1) 3rd Riley Owen
  • M1x(D2) 3rd Nicholas Barnier
  • W2-(D1) 6th Melissa Greck, Ailie McDonald
  • W2-(D2) 8th Samantha Shaw, Katelyn Mundy
  • ML2x 8th Nicholas Wadham, Scott Sheridan
  • ML1x 8th Gerrard Kennedy
  • W1x(D1) 6th Sorelle Bowman
  • W1x(D2) 2nd Christabelle Northam
  • M2-(D1) 7th Dane Buchhorn, Mathew Barnier
  • M2-(D2) 8th Daniel Del Rio, Josh Bruce
  • WL2x 8th Imogen Cowan, Eleanor Bradshaw
  • WL1x 8th Natalie Graf
  • M4- 6th Wadham, Sheridan, Del Rio, Bruce
  • W4x- 4th Greck, Northam, McDonald, Bowman
  • Mix2x 8th Gerrard Kennedy, Natalie Graf
  • M4x- 8th Buchhorn, Barnier, Owen, Barnier
  • W4- 8th Cowan, Bradshaw, Shaw, Mundy
  • Mix4x- 3th Wertheim, McNamara, Kennedy, Graf
  • M8+ 7th Sheridan, Wadham, Del Rio, Bruce, Buchhorn, Barnier, Owen, Barnier, c:Purnell
  • W8+ 8th McDonald, Bradshaw, Cowan, Greck, Shaw, Mundy, Northam, Bowman, c:Narracott

Ray Ebert, the Rowing Australia Team Manager for this year, has a spot on a podcast from the WCSN people. You can find the podcast linked from the RA web page.